Astronomical Links

Here are links to some related sites that you surely will find interesting, including those of some of the best astrophotographers around...

Rogelio Bernal Andreo

Jay Ballauer

Matt BenDaniel

Giovanni Benintende

Adam Block

Stef Cancelli

Steve Cannistra

Capella Observatory - Stefan Binnewies and Josef Popsel

Jon Christensen

Chris Cook

Ken Crawford

Russell Croman

Thomas Davis

Lorand Fenyes

Bill and Sally Fletcher

James Foster

R Jay GaBany

Robert Gendler

Martin Germano

John Gleason

Don Goldman

George Greaney

Piermario Gualdoni

Dietmar Hager

Tony And Daphne Hallas

Warren Keller

Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

Jerry Lodriguss

Brian Lula

Steve Mandel

Bill McLaughlin

Bobby Middleton

Paul Mortfield

Jack Newton

NOAO Outreach Program

Philip Perkins

Wolfgang Promper

Johannes Schedler

Cord Scholz

Chris Schur

Spiegelteam - Volker Wendel and Bernd Flach-Wilken

Michael Stecker

Gary Stevens

Loke Tan

Karel Teuwen

Chuck Vaughn

Daniel Verschatse

Sara Wager

Jimmy Walker

Sean Walker and Sheldon Faworski

Jason Ware


Michael Stecker's Astrophotographer Portraits

Richard Bell's Personal Pages of Astronomers

Rick Bright's Amateur Astrophotography and CCD Image Links

Ventura County Astronomical Society

Astronomy Magazine

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Slooh - Live Space Show

Eric Barnes/Ideal Imaging

DirectoryScience - The Comprehensive Science Directory

Night Sky Info - Weekly information about the night sky, astronomy articles and observations

World Science

Star Surfing

CCTV Camera Pros - Astronomical Cameras: A Guide to Astrophotography

The Solar System - Your key to the sky and the Universe!

All About Light Pollution - article by Chris Johnson

The Hidden Costs of Light Pollution - video by Eric Butler and

Amateur Astrophotography E-Zine

Learning Astronomy From Your Couch

The Sky at Night from your Patio

Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics

Adaptainer: A Guide to Building a Home Observatory


Musical Links

Here are links to sites belonging to some incredible musicians that you may not have heard of...

Aquarium Rescue Unit

Lindsey Blair (my former guitar teacher)

Jimmy Herring

Allen Hinds

Eric Johnson

Wayne Johnson

Mike Keneally

Wayne Krantz

Shawn Lane

Steve Morse

Oz Noy

Jeff Richman

Carl Verheyen

Steven Wilson


Photography Links

Vince Farnsworth

Keith Sutter

The Naturewalker's Journal

Photography ebooks, magazines and links to photographers of excellence from Rob Hopcott