Foxfur and Cone Nebula Region


NGC 2264 - Foxfur and Cone Nebula Region in Monoceros

by Bob and Janice Fera

8" f/4.5 Newtonian


Astrodon 6nm Hydrogen-Alpha and LRGB Filters

(L+Ha)(R+Ha)G(B+Ha) processed in CCDOps, MaxIm/DL with RC-Astro plugin, Gralak Sigma and Adobe Photoshop

H-a: 90 minutes, L: 80 minutes, RGB: 50 minutes each

A small amount of H-a data was added to the blue channel per the "Don Goldman Observation" that Hydrogen emission typically consists of both H-a (red) and H-b (blue) components

H-alpha exposures taken January 16, 2005 from the Hallas Observatory Annex, Foresthill, CA

LRGB exposures taken February 28 and March 2, 2005 from the still-under-construction Eagle Ridge Observatory in Foresthill, CA

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